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Models Used by UVW


version 6.8.3, February 2011

An air dispersion model applicable to a wide range of buoyant or neutrally buoyant emissions up to a range of 50km. It includes all kinds of sources, and is also suitable for complex terrain and urban dispersion scenarios. It includes a dispersion module (AERMOD), a meteorological data preprocessor (AERMET) and a terrain processor (AERMAP).

Evaluated by the USEPA with very positive results (EPA-454/R-03-002 and EPA-454/R-03-003, June 2003), it is recommended as a regulatory model. AERMOD replaces since November 2005 the previous regulatory model ISC3 – Industrial Sourcer Complex.

For more information: Preferred/Recommended Models | TTN - Support Center for Regulatory Atmospheric Modeling | US EPA

exemplo AERMOD 1
(Odour Dispersion Study on a wastewater treatment plant)
exemplo AERMOD 2
(EIS on a coal and powder coke terminal)

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